Our Fees

"For Good" Photography provides a cost effective solution for small and medium sized non-profit organizations.  Organizations can engage our services for a single campaign or to provide photographic documentation of a full range of services provided by the non-profit organization.  We do not add to your ongoing overhead.  Yu engage our services for exactly what you need.  We design our services around your needs.  In some cases the organization needs photography services over many days spread out over an extended period of time.  In other cases they need a single event photographed.  At all times we will negotiate our fee and provide a written letter of engagement prior to beginning the project.  Some organizations prefer a fixed fee bid for our services or a monthly retainer so they can control their budget.  Some organizations prefer to engage us on a time and materials basis.  We base our hourly fees on the size and budget of the organization.  Fixed fee projects are billed half on engagement and half on delivery.