OUr Trans Family

This project is a partnership between Cream City Foundation and “For Good” Photography.  It is primarily funded through a grant from Cream City Foundation.  A second generous grant has been awarded by Diverse and Resilient through the Mary Nohl Fund at the Greater Milwaukee Foundation.  They have identified For Good Photographers Jeff Pearcy and Meredith Watts as Artists in Residence.

The project could not be done without the assistance of FORGE, GSAFE, and Fair Wisconsin.

Working with several organizations representing the broad range of transgender people in Wisconsin, “For Good” Photography will interview and photograph between twenty and thirty people and their families in the transgender community.  In interviews with leaders in the transgender community we have been encouraged to focus our attention for this project on transgender people and their families.  We will define family as either their natural family or their family of choice.  The emphasis on this project will be to create images and text that capture the worth and dignity of transgender people in an effort to create a better understanding of the basic humanity of transgender people.  While the emphasis of this project will be to show the worth and dignity of people in the transgender community it is not an effort to stress assimilation.  Rather it is an effort to show people in the transgender community as they express themselves and with the support of their natural or chosen families of support.

Sierra Leone

Jeff Pearcy has been engaged by the Pan African Rural Health and Social Services (PRHeSS) to document the organization's efforts to assist a small village in Sierra Leone.  He will be traveling with the founder, Samuel Kormoi, MD, to the village in December, 2016. Pearcy is also working with PRHeSS with his consulting firm, Lambert-Pearcy, LLC.